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Frequently Asked Questions About Cakes

How much cake do I need to purchase?

The size of your cake depends on the two main factors: 1) How many servings do you need? and 2) How big of a slice do you want to serve? The standard slice for a wedding cake is 1″ x 2″ x 5″. The standard slice for a special occasion or party cake is 2″ x 2″ x 4″. All of our standard wedding cakes are three layer cakes with two layers of filling which makes them approximately 5″ tall, and our party cakes are two layer cakes with one layer of filling. Therefore, the number of servings you will get will depend on how much cake you want to serve your guests.

How much will my cake cost?

Pricing for cakes are set based on the size and shape of each cake. For current pricing on cakes, click here for our pricing sheet. Pricing includes most decoration and design. Additional charges may apply for fondant icing and design and any additional items needed to purchased for the design.

Pricing for special occasion party cakes are based on two factors: 1) size and shape of cake and 2) decoration and design.

Do you provide sheet cakes?

We do offer single layer sheet cakes as a lower cost option for special occasions and and they are a great way to provide additional servings for weddings if your tiered cake will not provide enough slices to feed your wedding guests. We are always conscious of wedding budgets and will do our best to work with your budget to provide delicious cake for all of your guests. Pricing is available for 1/4 sheet cakes and 1/2 sheet cakes.

What flavors are available for your cakes?

We do have a complete list of our flavors on the attached form.

How do I decide on cake design and what is the price?

Design options are as numerous as the individual tastes of our clients. If you have pictures or design notes, please bring them with you to your cake consultation. You can also email us pictures or send us links to Pinterest pins and other website links. We also have many designs on our website, Facebook, and Pinterest that you can use as references. Also, you can leave your design up to our cake artists to create a special design especially for you based on your likes. Either way, we strive to provide you with an beautiful. memorable presentation of our delicious, fresh cakes. Designs are priced based on time estimates and materials needed.

Do you make cupcakes and other desserts?

Cupcakes are a very popular trend now for weddings and special events. We do offer many of our same flavors as cupcakes. All of our cupcakes are filled with your choice of filling (fresh fruit excluded) and topped with our homemade fresh buttercream. A simple design is included as a topper for the cupcakes. Prices start at $3.50 per cupcake. More complex designs may incur additional charges. Price breaks are available for larger quantities of cupcakes.  Other desserts are available for options to provide your guests with delicious alternatives (i.e. handmade chocolates; tartlets; cookies and macarons).

Do you provide gluten free options?

Gluten free options are increasing popular as more and more people have restrictive diets. We offer most of our cakes in a gluten free version. Because of the higher cost of ingredients and preparation, a 15% surcharge is added for gluten free options. While are not a dedicated gluten free facility, we do take great care to clean prior to preparing our gluten free options and make sure there is no cross-contamination of ingredients. This is true for any food allergies that we are alerted to prior to preparation. Your health and concerns are important to us! We have members of our staff with food allergies and we understand personally the impact improper preparation and exposure could have on you and your guests.

Do you deliver?

We do offer delivery within an approximate one hour distance from our location. Wedding cake deliveries include time for set up and are as follows: Fort Collins – $25.00, Loveland – $35.00, Greeley – $40.00, Estes Park – $75.00. Other venues and locations based on time and distance.

How far in advance do I need to order my cake?

Daddy Cakes Bakery is a small local business with limited staff. While we try to accommodate every request we get, there are some weekends that we will have a fully booked schedule. This is especially true during peak wedding season. While our standard minimum advance notice is 7 days, the sooner you order the cake, the better chance we will be able to make the cake for you. Typically a two week notice is preferable and increases your odds of making our production schedule. But it never hurts to ask. We do have stock cakes on hand in our bakery for last minute needs. All cakes are baked fresh and take a minimum two days to complete.

Thank you for taking time to read through these frequently asked questions. We hope this helps in your cake planning experience. If you still have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@daddycakesfc.com.


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